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Replace iPhone 6 or XS Screen

Replacing an iPhone 6 or XS Screen

One of the most common issues people have with their phones is that they find themselves needing to get their screen replaced. But how do you get your screen replaced if you don't have a warranty or you don't have insurance? It all depends on the phone and the damage.


Get It Fixed Fast, Before It Gets Worse


A lot of people just place a screen protector over an already broken screen and home that the cracks won't spread. But in general, they will. If you need an iPhone 6 screen placement or iPhone 6s screen replacement now, it's best to get it done now. Otherwise, you could just end up in an inconvenient situation when your screen suddenly stops working.


However, don't worry too much if the cracks do spread. In general, the best way to fix a phone screen is to replace the entire screen. That includes both the glass and the actual display in back of the glass. So, even a spider web crack may lead to the exact same costs as more extensive damage, provided that the damage doesn't extend past the screen.


Backup Your Information


It's possible that your phone may need to be replaced or that more extensive work might need to be done on your phone. Before you just hand your phone over, you should backup all the information that's on it. You should also do this as a general matter of course if your phone gets damaged or the screen gets cracked, on the off chance that the phone could stop working altogether.


In general, syncing your data (and keeping it encrypted) is a good best practice regardless. Anyone can lose their phone at any time, and will need to make sure that they can get their data back if it happens.


Get a Quote for Houston Screen Replacement


Before you get your screen replacement, you may want to get a quote from the shops that you find. There will be different quotes based on the cost of the parts as well as the value of the labor. You don't generally want to go with the cheapest quote, because this could be someone who is cutting corners. But you also might not want to go with the most expensive quote, especially if that quote is unusually higher than the others.


Once you have the quote in hand, you might find that it's actually better to get a new phone rather than repair the old one. This is usually true with older phones, where it can actually be cheaper to purchase a new phone than it can be to repair the old one.


At JPC Computers, we can help you do everything from replace iPhone 6 screen to get an iPhone XS cracked screen repair. Bring your phone down today to find out more.

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